Data Acquisition Modules

PLA 3.0 extends its functionality with add-ons. You can use our Data Acquisition Modules to populate the data tables of a document directly from external systems. A typical example would be Data Acquisition Modules for plate readers. A plate reader provides a stream of measurement values that need to be imported into the data table of a specific document. Of course, this has to happen in a GLP/GMP compliant way.

Each Data Acquisition Module is specific to the external data format it supports. They are not specific to the target document type. In case you want to import data from two different sources, you would need one specific Data Acquisition Module for each. One exception: for importing data from different text-based sources, you only need one license for the Text Acquisition Module.

Data Acquisition Modules

  • SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition Module
  • Excel™ Data Acquisition Module
  • Text Data Acquisition Module
  • Magellan™ Data Acquisition Module
  • Gen5™ Data Acquisition Module
  • Biacore™ Data Acquisition Module
  • Bio-Plex® Data Acquisition Module

For importing text-based data we developed a Text Data Acquisition Module, which you can use to import data from a variety of sources, for example:

  • CSV files in general
  • Meso Scale Discovery WORKBENCH® Software
  • Labsystems Inc. Genesis™ Software
  • Mikrotek Laborsysteme GmbH MikroWin 2000™
  • PerkinElmer VICTOR™
  • PerkinElmer EnVision™ software
  • Tecan easy WIN basic™ software
  • Dynex Technologies Revelation™
  • PerkinElmer TopCount®
  • Anthos Labtec WinRead™
  • DEMOS Computer GmbH SeroCalc™ Analysis Software

We will develop Data Acquisition Modules for other source programs on demand.

See and download Data Sheets

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