Keep your version of PLA up-to-date

Software development shouldn't stop at the first release. We are committed to supporting and even improving our software in the long run. We will therefore release updated versions of our software from time to time. When we do this, we inform you about the new version and encourage you to update. This gives you the best possible experience when working with PLA.

The most important step you can take is to register your copy of PLA. This allows us to notify you directly in case new updates become available. But even then, you have to install them yourself. At the very least, you should make sure to install every recommended update as early as possible. Please always create a complete backup of your database before you update your PLA software.


Release Dates

Version Released
PLA Framework 3.0.4 SR5 (build 761) 03.09.2018
3.0.4 SR4 (build 752) 14.05.2018
3.0.4 SR3 (build 721) 05.05.2017
3.0.4 SR2 (build 718) 21.12.2016
3.0.4 SR1 (build 716) 01.09.2016
3.0.4 20.05.2016
3.0.3 27.02.2015
3.0.2 12.11.2014
3.0.0 22.05.2014
Biological Assay Package 25 SR4 (build 999) separate download 03.08.2018
25 SR3 (build 991) separate download 13.04.2018
25 SR2 (build 984) separate download 22.02.2018
25 SR1 (build 983) separate download 09.02.2018
25 separate download 15.01.2018
24 separate download 05.05.2017
23 included in PLA 3.0.4 27.07.2016
22 separate download 23.12.2015
21 separate download 10.11.2015
20 separate download 13.07.2015
19 separate download 18.03.2015
18 included in PLA 3.0.3 27.02.2015
17 included in PLA 3.0.2 12.11.2014
14 included in PLA 3.0.0 22.05.2014

Versions not listed here are internal versions and have never been released to the public.

Release Notes and Version History

PLA 3.0

Current version: PLA 3.0.4 SR5 (build 761) & PLA Biological Assay Package 25 (build 999) for PLA 3.0.4

PLA 3.0 Release Notes and Version History (incl. Bioassay Package)


PLA 2.1

Current version: PLA 2.1 (build 604)

PLA 2.1 Release Notes and Version History


PLA 2.0

Final version: PLA 2.0 (build 554)

PLA 2.0 Release Notes and Version History

Please note: PLA 2.0 is no longer supported. If you are still working with it, we recommend you switch to PLA 3.0. In this case, you should also consider using the PLA Migration and Archiving Toolkit. It will help you get the most out of your PLA 2.0 assay archive and allows you to switch to the new version without losing valuable data.