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The Dose-Response Analysis Package

Dear Sir or Madam,

With PLA 3.0.5 we introduce a new add-on: The Dose-Response Analysis Package. I'm going to present you all the functions of this package in a four-part newsletter series (March 01, March 15, April 05, April 26).

The Dose-Response Analysis Package provides a range of additional biostatistical methods for immunoassays, ELISA, and more. It supports you in investigating equivalence for calibration curves and it provides enhanced data processing and analysis. New document reports and dashboards add to its value and usability. 

Biostatistical methods

The biostatistical methods of the new package include :

Interpolation on calibration curves
Interpolation analysis allows you to plot the observation data of the Standard sample and the Test samples, calculate the standard curve, and determine the unknown concentration by interpolation on this curve. Read more ...

Spike-and-recovery analysis
Spike your test samples with different concentrations of your analyte to identify matrix effects or determine the precision of your assay within the assay range. Read more ...

Linearity-of-dilution assessment
Determine the precision of your method at different levels of dilution. Read more ...

Effective-concentration calculation
Calculate the effective concentration of your sample in the concentrations you require by adding additional calculations. Read more ...

Curve comparisons
Individually plot test samples, and use the document dashboard or one of the document reports to compare the resulting curves. We support various analytical (regression) models. Read more ...

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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