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Which training or workshop supports you most?

Dear Sir or Madam,

End of November and the beginning of December, we hold our last trainings and workshops in 2021. This is your opportunity to expand your PLA skills and benefit from our significantly reduced rates (this year).

But which training or workshop should you book?

Book our PLA 3.0 End User Training
if you are responsible for operating methods within PLA 3.0 (which have been prepared by others, like a Super User).

Book our PLA 3.0 Super User Training
(includes PLA 3.0 End User Training) responsible for developing and validating methods within PLA 3.0 and/or responsible for organizing end-user operations with PLA 3.0.

Book our additional PLA 3.0 Advanced Analysis Workshop
if you are also interested in details of the statistical procedures of Quantitative response assays, combination calculations, equivalence margin development.

Best regards
Mathias von Gellhorn
Marketing Manager

Stegmann Systems GmbH, Raiffeisenstr. 2, 63110 Rodgau, Germany
Phone: +49 (6106) 77010-0, Fax: +49 (6106) 77010-190

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