Learn more about the PLA Support Contract benefits

Benefits of an active PLA Support Contract ...

Get 1st level and 2nd level support

By 1st level support, we mean technical support and installation support.

2nd level support is reserved for customers with an active Support Contract. It includes statistical and other scientific support by a team of biostatisticians and (bio-)chemists.

Priority support and target response time of 24h

For supporting PLA users, we set up the PLA Support Portal. Support requests from customers with an active PLA Support Contract get a higher priority and benefit from a much shorter target response time.

Get updates and upgrades

Customers with an active PLA Support Contract get updates and upgrades to their licensed products free of charge. This includes updates and upgrades to PLA itself, but also all add-ons like our Data Analysis Packages and Data Acquisition Modules.

The first year of your PLA Support Contract is included in every product purchase. Please note that it does not automatically extend by default. Before it expires, we will contact you and give you a quote for renewal. If you let your PLA Support Contract expire, most benefits are no longer included.

Read more about our PLA 3.0 Support Contract or request a quote.