Assay Setup

The assay setup in PLA 3.0 is very flexible. You can freely define the dimensions, blocks and test system of the assay. When used in combination with the template system of PLA, any assay configuration can be set up in a GxP compliant way.

Assay Elements

In PLA 3.0 a bioassay consists of

  • one standard (reference) sample
  • at least one test or control sample
  • any number of test samples
  • any number of control samples
  • any number of control lines (which are not diluted)

These are called assay elements.

Test System

PLA 3.0 offers a very flexible and effective setup of the test system, with acceptance tests for the entire bioassay and each assay element. Over 40 different tests are available.

Additional Factors for Statistical Evaluation

You can add additional factors for statistical evaluation:

  • Position factors allow you to describe plate effects. Up to 3 position factors (e.g. row, column, plate) are supported.
  • Various other factors