Building an Assay Archive

PLA 3.0 is primarily a software to analyze biological assays. But it can be even more. By using the software, you will start to build an archive of historic data from your assays.

Over the months and years, a lot of time and money goes into developing biological assays and calculating them. This data is valueable. So why throw it away? With PLA 3.0 you can keep it.

Unlike many other software, PLA 3.0 stores all of your bioassays in a database, making them available for later review. Over time, you will build a very large archive containing thousands of assays.

The assay archive can be very useful, not just for looking back into past assays to draw scientific conclusions but also in those situations where you need to provide objective evidence, such as during an audit. With PLA 3.0, you can save all of your bioassays and look them up when you need to.