Flexible Forms

The idea behind the Flexible Forms Editor is to give you the most convenient access to your data. That's why we made it the central editor for PLA 3.0. So when you are using PLA 3.0 for your bioassays, you will be able to edit documents of any complexity in a fast and efficient way. In fact, navigating through your bioassay will quickly become intuitive.

And in case you need a hint, you can switch on the context sensitive help and it'll give you valuable information for every field you click on. This feature alone can save you plenty of time in comparison to browsing a manual.

When working with biological assays, you most likely need to do several assays of the same type. That's why PLA 3.0 comes with a built-in template support. It allows you to create powerful templates from your existing bioassays, which simplify your work and support efficient standard operating procedures. Not every software for biostatistical analysis will let you do this, but PLA 3.0 will.

With these templates, you can reduce the complexity of your document, so that there are less distractions and fewer sources of error. This is a great feature when you are working on routine tasks, where you don't want your screen filled with unnecessary information.

So with the Flexible Forms Editor, PLA 3.0 is not just user-friendly but actively saves you time and effort every time you are working on a bioassay. We daresay that biostatistical analysis has never been easier and we hope you agree with us after testing PLA 3.0 for free for 14 days.