Data Editors

Our Bioassay Software PLA 3.0 comes with three data editor perspectives. They allow different views on your data sets. You can decide whether it is more efficient to view or edit data points line by line, or per sample along a dilution series or in a position factor perspective. Powerful tools like color-coding of fields help you in reducing any input errors.

Observation Editor

The observation editor is always available. Here, each observation is displayed in a single row. All additional information is presented in extra columns.

In addition to the editing capabilities this editor also allows you to set up templates for data acquisition. 

Sequence Editor

When you are working with a sequence, the sequence editor will be available. Here, data is organized by the sequence (e.g. dilution series). Replicates are displayed in columns. Additional factors are available for editing in the detail area of the editor.

Any change of information in this view will also immediately be applied to the other available editor perspectives.


Position Editor

If you defined the dataset with position factor, then the position editor will be available. The position editor supports up to three position factors (e.g. plate, row, column). Two of the position factors are displayed as the dimensions of the grid; you can select a third position factor at the top of the editor.