Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing or significance testing is a robust way to test the suitability of your bioassays. The tests can be conducted without prerequisites. In contrast to the modern way of equivalence or similarity testing these tests are available without development of margins. They are applied as F-Tests in quantitative response assays or as Chi-Square-Tests for dichotomous assays.

Available Tests in PLA 3.0

  • Significance of Regression
  • Significance of Non-Parallelism
  • Significance of Non-Linearity (Lack of Fit)
  • Significance of Non-Similarity (for Slope-Ratio model)
  • Significance of the Slope
  • Significance of the Square Coefficient
  • Significance of the Square Coefficient (Assay Level)
  • Significance of the Difference of Quadratics (legacy test for compatibility with PLA 1.2)
  • Significance of the Preparation Term