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PLA 3.0 End User Training

Dear Sir or Madam,

Did you ever ask yourself, 'Why should I participate in a PLA 3.0 End User Training?'

Because it's your opportunity to significantly upgrade your PLA skills. We developed this training with a focus on the daily PLA 3.0 user. In 3.5 hours, you gain solid basic knowledge about documents, document  management, data input, and the use of templates in PLA 3.0.

And because of the still ongoing situation, we significantly reduced our training rates, so you can gain more knowledge for your budget.

What are you going to learn?

Session 1 Documents and Document Management
General introduction to PLA 3.0
Getting into the system
Editing documents
The document concept of PLA
Important document actions
Organizing documents
  Session 2 Data input and templates
Data input
 _Manual data input
 _Data acquisition
 _Data aggregation
Using templates
Important document types
Special topics

We offer our PLA 3.0 End User Training during the office hours of your world region. These are the next PLA 3.0 End User Trainings in 2021 and your chance to book a 3.5-hour training for 180 Euro.*
*only 2021, with an active Support Contract

See our Trainings Calendar (on the left)

Best regards
Mathias von Gellhorn
Marketing Manager

Stegmann Systems GmbH, Raiffeisenstr. 2, 63110 Rodgau, Germany
Phone: +49 (6106) 77010-0, Fax: +49 (6106) 77010-190

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