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Use our Support Contract subscription model and save money

Dear Sir or Madam,

as you surely know, every purchase of PLA includes an initial PLA Support Contract of the first 12 months. The Support Contract does not extend automatically. To keep the benefits from the Support Contract, you have to renew it every year.

With an active Support Contract, the following benefits are available:

  • 2nd level support (inhouse statistical and scientific support by a team of mathematicians, biostatisticians, and (bio-)chemists)
  • Priority support (high priority support)
  • Target response time one business day
  • Updates & Upgrades to PLA and all add-ons
  • Notification service
  • Discounted training rate

Much easier is to use our subscription model. This saves you the paperwork of year-by-year renewals and you we will get a 5% discount to your PLA Support Contract.

If you use PLA 3.0.5 or higher, you will find details about your Support Contract on the Dashboard.

Read more about our Support Contract.

If you have any questions, or you wish a quote, please contact our Sales Team.

Best regards
Mathias von Gellhorn
Marketing Manager

Stegmann Systems GmbH, Raiffeisenstr. 2, 63110 Rodgau, Germany
Phone: +49 (6106) 77010-0, Fax: +49 (6106) 77010-190

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